Meet Chandra


A personal note from Chandra Hall

“Without systems, a person could go crazy!”

Have you ever called a client, chatted, and hung up – only to realize you forgot to ask an important question – the very reason you called in the first place? Calling again is inefficient. Worse, it may leave the impression you’re not organized or competent.

This scenario happens to the best of us. Real estate is a demanding business with mind-numbing details and deadlines. Yet something as simple as a Project Checklist can capture all the information you need, efficiently and effectively.

That’s why systems keeps you sane – and help grow your real estate business!

As the managing broker/owner of Colorado Mesa Realty LLC, I’m fortunate to have enjoyed success in several aspects of real estate, from residential resale to building new homes. I like to set big goals, then challenge myself to reach those goals. And I’m an idea person – I love to come up with new, creative ideas. But you need to put ideas into action if you want to earn a living!

Fortunately I’ve always been very organized. An infrastructure of lists, systems, and tools helps me tackle big goals. Plus, systems help me capture and implement the best ideas to grow my business. (Clearly, not all ideas are great ideas!)

I know from experience: Systems, tools, and resources help you be productive, professional, and profitable

I’m passionate about this industry and, as a fellow real estate professional, I’m committed to helping you be more successful. I present real estate seminars all over the country, and participants frequently request the tools I’ve developed and use in my business.

Keep in mind, these tools and resources go waaay beyond simple checklists. Some of the systems available on this website include my:

  • Business plan template, so you can run your business like a business
  • Progress worksheet, to track progress toward your business goals
  • Marketing plans, to grow your business
  • Prospecting tools, to conduct effective lead-generation campaigns
  • Email marketing tools, to reinforce your brand and entice prospects

Ready to take your real estate business to the next level? Ready to put systems in place to become more productive, professional, and profitable?

I invite you to check out the tried-and-true tools and resources [link to Resources page] in this website. These systems help me run my real estate and speaking business, help ensure my business is productive and profitable, and help keep me sane!

Check out the systems to keep you sane …
and take your business to the next level!