CardKITS™ (Keep-in-Touch System™)

Successful real estate professionals will share their “secret” in a heartbeat:
If you want repeat business and referrals, you must stay in touch with clients and prospects.

With Chandra Hall’s CardKITS (Keep-In-Touch System), you can easily send real cards through the mail to individual clients or prospects – or your entire database – in minutes. This relationship-building tool helps you create better and lasting relationships, get more referrals, and beat out the competition.

Keeping in touch keeps you “top of mind”
Sending real cards helps you foster deeper business relationships, because you can easily and frequently say “thank you” – and you’ll stay “top of mind” with your clients and prospects. Here are a few ideas for sending cards:

  • Farming/prospecting campaigns

    Card Front

  • Thank-you notes:
    • Thank you for the referral
    • Thank you for your business
    • Thank you for listing
  • Follow-up notes:
    • Welcome to your new home
    • Thank you for your business – we appreciate referrals
  • Keep-in-touch notes:
    • Sharing news regarding the local real estate market
    • Happy anniversary
    • Happy birthday
    • Happy holidays

How does it work?

  • Personalized notes to clients/prospects – Send personalized cards and postcards written in your own handwriting font with your own scanned signature, all from your computer.
  • Hardworking business tool – Easily import your customer list, company logo, and photo. Send a card to an individual client or prospect, to a portion of your database, or to your entire list … within minutes.
  • Real card, not an email – Your client receives a real card with a real stamp. You can select from over 15,000 carddesigns, including industry-specific designs and messages created specifically for Chandra Hall and other real estate professionals.
  • Affordable – Prices start at 31 cents + postage for a postcard and 62 cents + postage for a greeting card.
  • Ongoing support – We’re here for you. We’ll help you implement this tool, ensuring it 100% supports your real estate business model. Our goal is to help you become more successful.

We invite you to learn more!

1. Watch this Video: To see how a personalized card is made.

Packages start at $9.80 for 10 cards. To get started click here, then click “join now.” You’ll need our sponsor code <91933>

2. Learn more about using CardKITS to grow your real estate business.

Next, contact Chandra’s marketing coach David Hovasse at to sign up and schedule an in-depth training on how to use this relationship-building tool to boost your business. Whichever level you choose, it will change your life forever!

3. Join Chandra Hall’s national marketing team to represent this hardworking business tool – and take a big step toward financial freedom.

Chandra’s invitation to you: “I’m looking for connected entrepreneurs who want to pursue a new opportunity (on a full-time or part-time basis) and looking for financial freedom. I receive lots of leads from virtually every location I speak at and need help handling them. If you’d like to join my national marketing team, we offer unsurpassed and comprehensive training, support, and leadership – and lots of leads! For more information, contact my marketing coach David Hovasse at (719) 201-7446 or for in-depth training on this exciting business tool.”

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