Intern Assistants 2.0: Setting Up the Concierge Advantage™

By Chandra Hall and Marty Bautista

A few years ago, successful REALTOR® Marty Bautista had a problem. His Marin County, California, broker delivered a tough-love ultimatum: “Marty, you’re a 24x7realtor. Get some help in your business – or else you’ll burn out AND I’ll ask you to leave.”

Marty crafted a creative and wildly successful solution: Develop a program to hire high school interns to support the business.

Truly a win/win, an effective intern program gives you an inexpensive workforce,enables students to learn real-world business skills, and increases your exposure to thestudents’ parents as well as high school counselors, teachers, and administrators.
With Intern Assistants 2.0, you get:

  • The advice, details, and “how-to” instructions to replicate this successful intern program, so you can hire interns who are tech-savvy, conscientious, and anxious to learn the real estate business.
  • Systematic approaches with checklists to give your interns to set up open houses,professionally answer the phone, conduct prospecting campaigns, process new clients, and truly support your business – with no handholding.
  • All the systems and know-how to easily check the students’ work and professionally provide feedback.

Using the Intern Assistants 2.0 workbook and CD, you can get the assistance your business needs – without the overhead of full-time assistants.



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