Short Sale Compass™

Efficiently navigate short sales and improve your contract-to-close ratio

Developed for real estate professionals, Short Sale Compass is a training and management system created by full-time short sale experts who have turned this often frustrating process into an effective system with a better than 95% closing ratio!

Short Sale Compass gives you all the tools and resources to reduce your effort and increase your success – whether you are new to short sales, have experience but want help, or work lots of short sales and want to maximize your efficiency.

You can easily track and manage all details and tasks from any computer or iPhone. Plus,you get transaction summary reports, lender contact information, and more.

In addition, the comprehensive training program will guide you through the short sales process. With Short Sale Compass, the process of getting to the closing table is more efficient and effective than ever!

Three great options to choose from!

Training only

  • Comprehensive, online and always available
  • Keep up to date with the changing market
  • Keyword searchable for quick reference

Management tool and resources

  • Fully integrated system
  • Up-to-date Lender Contact info and forms
  • Daily task manager and activity log
  • Auto-filled fax cover and transaction summary
  • HUD-1 Creator to manage quick changes
  • Automatic email notification
  • And more

Complete package

  • All the benefits above
  • PLUS real-time support and coaching from the experts to get you past the toughest roadblocks
  • Manage your short sales Anywhere, Anytime, from Any Computer
Monthly fees vary. Enter promo code CHANDRA to receive $25 off the set-up fee.
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Comprehensive and effective
Affordable, low monthly fee
Pay only when you need it!