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Meeting Planners and Education Directors: Treat your members to this in demand speaker

Meeting planners nationwide look to Chandra Hall as a “winning choice” for their real estate association seminars and conferences. Why? Because Chandra Hall delivers.

An active real estate professional, Chandra shares real-life business insights. Staying current with the ever-changing landscape of real estate, her information-packed seminars inform attendees of laws and regulations relevant to their business. A polished professional speaker, Chandra’s presentation style is educational, engaging, and entertaining – transforming seminars and keynotes into memorable learning experiences!

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Educational Sessions Offered by Chandra Hall

Sessions below are generally 90 minutes – 3 hours unless noted. Most can be adapted to time needs.

Systems Keep You Sane™

An entire day goes by yet your to-do list is still as long as it was in the morning. If this sounds familiar, chances are you are missing key systems that will help you accomplish more, make each task easier and keep your sanity in check. With Chandra’s Systems Keep You Sane program you’ll reclaim your life and take your real estate career to the next level.

GPS for Real Estate Success: Your Proven Growth Profit System™

Would you like more focus, more momentum and more prospects that would lead to more closings? This special seminar is designed to meet the best of what you need to know and what you need to do in order to grow your real estate business.

It’s a seminar experience like no other! From the opening bell to the closing finale, you will get more practical, proven to work concepts, strategies, tools and tips that can have an immediate impact for true business growth We’ll focus on our most essential business development best practices that will guarantee your success.

You will…

  • Get the latest digital tracking tool for on-target performance.
  • Sharpen your skills, better articulate your value and close more deals.
  • Receive a new template for presentations that position your value and get results.
  • Take a new look at productivity and how to be more laser focused on a daily basis.
  • Create a marketing plan and calendar that gets you visible, busy and profitable.
  • Discover how to mine your database for more transactions and build customer relationships that last.
  • Finally, put more money in your pocket!

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and take your business to the next level!

The Roadmap to Success: Creating a Business Plan that Works™

Behind every successful business owner is a road map that helped them get there. Are you ready to ditch the “chance” model and build the roadmap to your success? A map for your business gives you direction, clarity and focus; 3 key elements for success in today’s tumultuous times. We’ll delve into a systematic business plan that focuses on real world applications and daily practices that will help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Tired of the Rollercoaster Ride? 5 Steps to Achieving Success Through the Twists and Turns of any Market™

Are you tired of economy drama and negative conversations at the office water cooler? Do you wonder why some agents are so successful and others barely survive? Let’s take a deep dive into what agents are doing to consistently thrive no matter the market. You will learn best practices that you can implement right away and make a difference in your business while avoiding the pitfalls and surprises that get you to the lows.

Your Tweets Hurt my Facebook when I’m LinkedIn: Systematize and Maximize Your On and Off Line Marketing™

Alternate Title: Social Marketing Sanity: Make Social Marketing Work for You!

Today more than 90% of people start their housing search online. Will they find you or your competitors first? Most agents are reluctant to incorporate social media efforts because they are overwhelmed by the technology and afraid it will take hours and hours each day. We’ll look at some easy to implement systems that can keep your social marketing efforts sane and your pipeline of prospects flowing. You’ll also discover the top online and offline marketing strategies for business success.

Your Turn to Drive: Grab the Keys to Accelerated Marketing!™

You love those clients who adore you and send tons of business your way. But, let’s face it, today, those clients don’t come easily and doing a great job isn’t enough to garner that type of loyalty anymore. Client loyalty needs to be continually earned with smart relationship marketing that is engaging and keeps you top-of-mind. So let’s grab the keys to accelerate your marketing and uncover cost effective ideas you can implement immediately to drive client loyalty the pays.

Successful Buyer Systems: How to Deliver the Best to Today’s Buyer

The return on investment when working with buyers tends to create larger income than just managing listings. Learn the real buyer secrets to improve your productivity and to manage the process of working with buyers to generate a higher return on your invested time. Today’s buyer needs, wants and expects more from today’s real estate professional. The expertise, experience and eloquence to work with buyers set the more successful agents apart from the rest. Knowing how to help buyers navigate the complexities of a real estate transaction are critical skills as people make, what will be for most, the largest purchase of their life. Agents with the proper training, tools and systems can create a steady pipeline of buyers to help grow and sustain their business long term.

Successful Seller Systems: How to Deliver the Best to Today’s Seller

Listing more properties is the most proven technique to increase agents’ income. The consumer wants more than just a listing presentation from real estate professionals and is more in tune with the systems and services that have become basic staples of selling real estate. This session goes to higher levels of capturing, servicing and pricing listings to get them sold in any market. Today’s market is constantly evolving, being shaped not only by changing market conditions but also by growing consumer demands and expectations. This course will provide agents with the newest delivery tools and communication strategies to explode their business within the changing market and to exceed seller expectations from the first contact through the transaction closing.

Dealing with the Distressed Property Reality™

Foreclosures are on the rise–offering both challenges and opportunities: Real estate licensees must be prepared to competently explain, caution, and advocate in this market reality. This course offers a fundamental look at how and why foreclosures happen in addition to explaining how to work with lenders to get Real Estate Owned properties off their books and into the hands of buyers and homeowners. Get up-to-date information on the REO, foreclosure, and short sales laws and current developments that directly affect how you do business.

Foreclosures and Short Sales

It’s on the news, in the paper and all over the Internet: foreclosures and short sales. But how do these processes work and how can you be a part of this growing segment of the market? Together, we’ll take a close look at the foreclosure and short sale processes; explain prevention, intervention and how to create business opportunities with buyers and sellers. Feeling a little overwhelmed already? Don’t worry! Chandra takes the difficult and makes it relatable. You’ll cover key benefits and liabilities, review how to make this market segment work for you, and find out about the vital skills you need in order to benefit the consumer of this growing niche.

Investments: Turning the Key to Wealth™

With the combination of low interest rates, plenty of supply and a market on the mend; there’s never been a better time to buy. An ever increasing buyer segment is that of investors. Open the door to more transactions by becoming educated in this specialized area of real estate. Your ability to provide excellent service, tools for analysis and identifying great opportunities will gain an investor buyer’s business. Know- and be able to explain easily- how today’s investors are impacted by net returns and unique tax considerations. Get more business by providing excellent service and identifying opportunities: understand the numbers in the investment market. Know – and be able to explain easily – how today’s investors are impacted by net returns and unique tax issues.

The Good, the Bad and the Taxable™

Other than death, nothing is more certain than taxes but are you certain you are up-to-date on today’s tax rules and actionable tax strategies? Taxes are inevitable so make them work for you instead of against you. Learn the critical concepts of basic taxation plus get current on primary residence and secondary home tax rules – all in everyday language you can share with your clients (now that’s great dinner conversation!). Walk away with valuable tax strategies and much more!

Tax Talk for REALTORS®

You earned it, now find out how to keep it! We’ll cover unique options and allowances the tax code has for the self employed real estate professional . . . that’s you! Increasing your tax savings will increase your bank account and your peace of mind.

APR, LTV, and GFE: What Does it All Mean to Me?™

Are you spinning your wheels trying to stay up-to-date on all the financing information critical in the new real estate landscape? From RESPA to Reverse Mortgages, your clients look to you for current information and advice that affects their real estate purchases. In this ever changing economy, it’s critical to stay current on your knowledge and relevant to your clients. Find out the latest financial information and how it affects your clients’ transactions; making you an invaluable partner today and for years to come.

Critical Rules, Reforms, and New Realities

The reality is that things have changed –especially in financing rules and procedures. From RESPA and HUD to FHA and conventional loans, get the updates critical to your business. Empower yourself and your consumer by using dialogue, clear direction, and an ability to know-and-show how you are the real estate professional in this truly different market.

Show me the Money: Getting the Lender to “Yes”

There is a fine line between a buyer who can buy and one who can’t. As a real estate professional you are often a consumer’s first point of contact and trusted guide through all phases of the transaction – including financing options. Lending restrictions and guidelines are getting tighter and credit scores can make or break loan approval. In today’s market you need a better grasp of real estate financing than in the past. Changes to RESPA and HUD as well as Dodd-Frank legislation and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are changing the face of real estate finance. Knowing what is new and different in the world of finance will help you get the lender to “yes” and more buyers and sellers to the closing table.

RESPA: Is There Any Such Thing as a Free Lunch?

Reduce your liability by understanding RESPA and how it affects the real estate industry. RESPA violations are on the upswing and a need to understand the underlying causes, intervention opportunities, and associated liability risk has never been greater. Explore Section 8 scenarios regarding kickbacks and the exchange of items of value: find out what is reasonable, what constitutes a violation, and how violations are penalized.

Cracking the Credit Code: The Key to More Closings

Today’s future homeowners are challenged by tighter lending restrictions. This already challenging situation for would-be buyers is complicated by less-than-perfect credit resulting from foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy or job loss. Working with these buyers is not a question of “if” but one of “when” for real estate professionals. Agents who are prepared to help buyers navigate the new world of real estate finance not only add an additional pipeline of customers to their business but also get more buyers to closing. One step toward doing this is to demystify the credit score and uncover the top 5 keys to a strong credit profile.

In “Cracking the Credit Code: the Key to More Closings” you’ll explore

  • The effect of the economy on home ownership
  • How the credit scoring system works
  • The ability of credit scores to impact purchasing power.
  • What can be done to improve credit scores.
  • The appropriate—and legal!—role for the agent in helping with damaged credit
  • FHA, VA, and conventional financing guidelines and the numerous rules associated with seller concessions
  • Resources to educate the buyer and/or enrich their ability to purchase
  • A systemized marketing plan that keeps you in contact so when the time is right, you’re there!

Lending’s Fine Lines: Creative Financing or Predatory Pitfall?

Unlike playing the board game Monopoly, in real life there are serious ramifications for predatory lending and there is no “get out of jail free” card. There is a fine line between buyer beware and predatory lending and you want to make sure you are on the right side of that line. As your client’s trusted guide through all the phases of the real estate transaction, including financing options, it’s imperative that you understand the common practices and ramifications of predatory lending so that you and your clients don’t end up on the wrong side of the line.

When Lenders Pay: The Reverse Mortgage “

House rich and cash poor” defines the fastest growing demographic in America – seniors. The baby boomer is redefining what it means to age, and, as a real estate agent, you have the opportunity to help them continue to live out their dreams. Find out how reverse mortgages can allow seniors to borrow against a percentage of their equity, make no monthly payments and stay in the homes they love or purchase another one. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll create business opportunities and provide homeowner solutions.

Negotiating: Key to the Deal

You are a real estate agent, a confidant, a sales person and a needed negotiator. This is what your clients expect and you aim to deliver. In Negotiating: Key to the Deal, you’ll learn to identify 13 negotiation tactics, describe the 3 critical elements that influence negotiations, and review the 4 principles that will make your negotiations more successful. In today’s marketplace, sharp and polished negotiation skills open the door to getting deals done.



In addition to the courses below, Chandra can teach courses on the topics of finance, tax, business planning, negotiation, investment, etc. in coordination with an individual state’s GRI program.

CRS 200: Business Planning and Marketing (2 day course) helps students learn the fundamentals of business planning. After taking this course, they will be able to identify the benefits of a business plan, develop income goals using the budgeting process, and create a marketing plan to meet their goals and objectives. These business essentials will generate increased profit and productivity.

CRS 201: Listing Strategies for the Residential Specialist (2 day course) The quality of an individual’s listing skills can give him or her a strong competitive edge. Only those professionals who learn proven listing strategies will win over the client and increase their conversion rate. This course provides students with the important skills necessary to conduct successful listing presentations, price a home to sell, close the transaction and market and promote effectively. The course takes students through an actual listing presentation that helps them understand the key steps in this process and create systems for success.

CRS 202: Effective Buyer Sales Strategies (2 day course) Top sales associates enjoy a competitive advantage because they understand what motivates and influences their customers. This course gives students the inside track to win over prospective buyers by teaching them the necessary strategies that make their sales quick and efficient. Students will learn how to work with today’s new buyer through counseling, salesmanship and negotiation. These effective strategies will give agents customers for life.

CRS 111: Short Sales and Foreclosures: Protecting Your Clients’ Interests (1 day course) Practical approaches to the pre-foreclosure and foreclosure processes that will result in the successful disposition of these properties. The course explains the intricacies of the short sale and foreclosure processes, as well as the roles of lenders, sellers, buyers, and cooperating agents involved. Dialogues and systems for working with financial institutions and other owners of REO properties are also provided.

CRS 103: Mastering Positive Change in Today’s World (1 day course) Extreme challenges in today’s housing market have made a big impact on residential real estate agents’ lives, both at work and at home. This course will enable students to learn to reframe these challenges and consider them opportunities to build a successful business in any market. This course covers stress management, time management and strategic goal setting, as well as personal motivation and life planning. Take charge of your life and career—learn how to achieve your full potential.

CRS-Serving the Repeat and Referral Customer (3 hour elective) Repeat and referral customers account for the majority of transactions and relationships influence agent selection. This session will help you develop systems for leveraging your creative efforts through direct mail and social networking.

ABR Core Course (2 day course) Prepares real estate professionals to thoroughly represent buyer-clients in real estate transactions and provide the quality of service and degree of fidelity to buyers that sellers have customarily enjoyed. Offer ideas and methods for building a buyer representation business. Develop a self-customized tool for conducting a buyer counseling session.

Effective Negotiating for Real Estate Professionals (1 day ABR elective) Effective negotiating on behalf of others is the hallmark of the buyer’s and seller’s representatives. This course examines positional bargaining and value negotiating. It also examines unique issues when representing someone in a negotiation and breaking a negotiation impasse.

Successful Buyer Representation in New Home Sales (1 day ABR elective) A comprehensive look at the special complexities of working with buyers who are searching for a newly built or yet-to-be built home. Learn where and how to find new home sales business; understand how the development and new-home sales processes work and the type of services the buyer needs.

Short Sales and Foreclosure Course (1 day ABR elective) Knowing how to maneuver the complexities of short sales as well as how to identify the distinct real estate opportunities in foreclosure are not merely good skills to have in today’s market—they are critical. This course helps students evaluate all available options for distressed homeowners and identify the components of an effective short-sale package.

Real Estate Marketing Reboot (1 day ABR elective) One of the reasons why licensees fail or only achieve modest success is their inability to focus on the consumer’s needs and to market their services accordingly. In the past, marketing courses have dealt with marketing the seller’s property as opposed to marketing to the buyer. Structured to inspire novel marketing approaches to create a personal “brand” this course encourages students to look everywhere for differentiating marketing opportunities that grab the attention of buyers.

At Home With Diversity: One America (1 day certification course) Part of a comprehensive cultural diversity outreach program that will help real estate companies diversify their workplaces and improve the industry’s ability to serve culturally diverse consumers. The training, built on the letter and spirit of the Fair Housing Act, provides participants with tools to build diversity outreach into their business plans to best serve a dynamic and growing market.

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